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Kano State Polytechnic

Kano State Polytechnic is a Nigerian Tertiary Institution located in Kano, North-Western Nigeria. Established in 1975, which is regulated by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) the polytechnic has five schools. The Central Administration is the heart of the school where administrative issues of the school are carried out and it is located along Bayero University, Kano (BUK) Road. On 20 July 2020, Kano State Polytechnic presented two automatic handwashing machines constructed by its staff and students to the Kano State Government.


To be a Polytechnic that Provides Trained Manpower aimed at Strengthening Socio-Economic and Political Development of Nigeria and Compete Effectively in Global Arena of Inventiveness.

Mission of the Kano State Polytechnic

The Polytechnic shall be Proactive in Research, Teaching and Learning in the fields of Technology, Science, Engineering, Environmental, Managerial, Entrepreneurial, Academic and Professional Pursuit while Sustaining Administrative Excellence..


Following the acceptance of the Aminu Kano report on Higher Education by the Kano State Government in 1976, Kano State Polytechnic was first established to bring under one administrative umbrella, six different schools hitherto controlled independently by related Ministries in the State. Some of these schools were started as far back as 1970 in the wake of urgent Education Manpower needs in Kano State.

Two years later, another Educational Organization emerged replacing Kano State Polytechnic. The new organization, Kano State Institute for Higher Education, Established under Edict No. 18 of 1978 by the then Military Administration had a conglomeration of eight post-secondary institutions spread within the State.

In 1983, the 1978 edict establishing the Institute for Higher Education was repealed by the defunct Civilian Administration of the second Republic and in its place, the Ministry for Higher Education was created, and two educational institutions emerged: Kano State Polytechnic and Institute of Education.

The new structure, however, did not last long because after the Military takeover in December 1983, the ministry for Higher Education was abrogated and the Institute reverted to its former structure by a new edict which came into effect from January 1984.

In July 1987, a new edict structuring the Institute for Higher Education into three was signed into law, repealing the 1984 edict, and three new edicts were signed establishing three autonomous Institute of higher learning in the State, i.e. Kano State Polytechnic, Kano State College of Education and College of Arts Science and Remedial Studies.

The new Kano State Polytechnic has five schools under a single Central Administration unit which coordinates, direct and control the general Administration and ensure execution of all policy matters. The schools are namely, School of Management Studies, School of Technology, Aminu Kano School of Islamic Legal Studies, Audu Bako School of Agriculture and School of Social and Rural Development.

Under the new structure, the Governing Council is responsible for the general direction of the Polytechnic. The overall responsibility for the development of academic work rests on the Academic Board. The Board awards Higher National Diplomas, National Diplomas, Diplomas and Certificates and is answerable to the Governing Council.

Next in the line of authority are the Principal Officers of the Polytechnic consisting of the Registrar, the Directors of each of the schools of the Polytechnic, the Chief Libertarian, the
Bursar, the Chief Planning Officer and the Director of Works. These Officers are answerable to the Rector. The Office of the Registrar is assisted by three departments, i.e. Academic, Establishment and students Affairs headed each by a Deputy Registrar. In addition, the Consultancy Services unit headed by a coordinator was recently created to foster the drive for revenue generation. 


Kano State Institute for Higher Education is made up of eight schools sited throughout the state. Each school is headed by a principal who is responsible to the directors. There are two Registrars; one is the head of the Administration and Establishments the other is the Head of Planning, Research, Academic and Students Affairs.

The Schools under the Institute

  • a). School of Preliminary Studies.
  • b). School of Management Studies.
  • c). School of Technology.
  • d). Audu Bako School of
  • e). School of Islamic Legal
  • f). School of Social and Rural
  • g). Gumel Advanced Teachers
  • h). Kano State College of

Later, some of the schools like, Advanced Teachers College, Gumel, AuduBako College of Agric, College of Education, College of Arts and Science along with School of Preliminary Studies were given autonomy, hence the Polytechnic was left with six-unit schools.

In 2003, SES was carved out of SOT to take charge of Environmental courses and was situated in Gwarzo local government.

Also in 1989, the School of Legal Studies was also given autonomy and in 2008, the School of General Studies was created and in 2010, it was made a school unit with a substantive Director. Now the Polytechnic has five 5 unit schools.

Schools and departments of the Kano State Polytechnic

  • School of Technology (SOT)
  • School of Rural Technology and Environmental Studies, (sorted) RANO
  • School of General Studies (SGS)
  • School of Environmental Studies, (SES) Gwarzo
  • School of Management Studies (SMS)

Kano State Polytechnic online portals

Admission into the Kano State Polytechnic as well as registration is done online via one of the following online or e-portals.

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